Yossi Govrin Bronze Signed and Dated 1980


U.S, 1980 c.

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A nice abstract figural bronze by the noted artist Yossi Govrin. It is signed and dated 1980.
a brief bio taken from the artist’s website;


Yossi Govrin is an artist with a diverse cultural background who has exhibited both nationally and internationally for his multimedia work including hemp and cement sculptures, bronze sculptures, paintings, photography and film.

In the “Night Watch” series the sculptures relate directly to “human conductivity” and are made from hemp and cement; emphasizing the transient nature of humans and their environment, and a single mold reflecting our common origin. The added elements such as chandeliers, stones, and rope suggest the sense of individuality and uniqueness and resonate across cultural and national boundaries.

Yossi Govrin has been awarded numerous commissions, most notably a monument in honor of the late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin (installed in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv City Hall, the site of the Prime Minster’s assassination) and the bust of General James H. Doolittle, placed at the Santa Monica Museum of Aviation.

Yossi Govrin is also the Director of Santa Monica Art Studios and Arena 1 Gallery. The Arts Leadership Award for the Innovative Artist in the Community was awarded to Yossi in 2014 by the Santa Monica Arts Foundation. This honor was awarded to him by the mayor of the city of Santa Monica, Pam O’Connor and State Assembly, Richard Bloom.

Santa Monica Art Studios combine state-of-the-art studios, exhibition areas, and lectures located in the heart of the Santa Monica Airport in an historic 22,000 square foot hangar with exposed metal beams and aged patina.

Arena 1 is a 2,400 square foot exhibition space to provide for open dialogue among international cutting edge artists and curators, and serves as a catalyst and tool for the art community.


1977Bethzalel High Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

1975Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel Major Studies in International Relationship and Sociology

International Art Shows

2015 Los Angeles International Art Show, Art Installation, Los Angeles, CA

2014 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, CA

2013 artMRKT, San Francisco, CA

2012 Art Platform, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Art Hamptons, NY

2012 Art Aspen, CO

2012 Art Market, San Francisco, CA

2012 Los Angeles International Art Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

2011 Scope International Art Show, Miami, FL

2009 Shanghai Art Fair, Felini Gallery, China.