Steven Michael Beck Bronze Periwinkle Blue, 2018


U.S, 21st c.

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Our gallery is proud to represent the very talented film and commercial Director Steven Michael Beck as he creates bronzes mixed with found objects. This bronze it titled “Periwinkle Blue” and is made of cast bronze, a paint can and found parts. What we have photographed is the actual piece out of a limited series of nine sculptures. Please note that after this piece is sold the vintage parts used may vary slightly as to make and manufacturer, the vintage and look will be the same. This piece is available for immediate shipment but for any future pieces please allow a lead time of 8-10 weeks for delivery. A signed copy of Steven Beck’s Book will accompany any purchase.
A little more about the artist: I can only sum up this chapter in my creative evolution as being at the right place, at the right time and being damn lucky, if not prescient, that I eavesdropped on those around me. I began my professional career as a visual effects oriented film director. My main focus was commercial production, i.e. commercials, and yes, while there was the odd feature or two I directed, it was within the 30 second format where I made my name. Winning nearly every award available to my genre and its varying techniques; photography, computer graphics, animation, production design, direction, etc., more importantly I had the unique opportunity to work for Lucasfilm, in particular Industrial Light and Magic, the visual effects team that created Star Wars among other cinematic greats. It was there where I met and admired every sort of artist; computer graphic specialists, stage technicians, cameramen and women, set designers, you name it, but it was the talent in ILM’s model shop that really impressed me, particularly its sculptors. The work they created was truly world class, yet these humble men and women were absolutely passionate about sharing every aspect of their Craft. So I sat, and I listened, and I never forgot their words of wisdom as they conjured amazing objects from near thin air. Fast forward life moving on. Eventually I did, as we all do, but I never forgot that love of an imagined reality one could gain from a Lump of clay. Combined with the theatrical mindset of filmmaking, and the universal human drama we all recognize driving it, it was this introduction to sculpture that laid the foundation for my art today. 1978-1981 Art Center College of Design- Receive BFA with Honors in Illustration / Advertising. 1981-1983 Silver Cloud Productions- Lithography studio coordinator, assistant art director, art director. Receive first nomination for a Clio. 1983-1986 Robert Abel & Associates- Art Director supporting the firm’s directors, and then director. Receive first of 12 Clio awards and first BDA award. 1986-1988 Jacobs and Gerber Advertising- Broadcast Design Department Coordinator and graphic designer for all CBS News accounts. 1988-1991 Industrial Light & Magic/LucasFilm- Art Department Manager, visual effects art director. Coordinated art dept. personnel, provided tours of the facility for clients, and was the visual effects art director on several movies: Indiana Jones and Last Crusade, The Abyss, and Hunt for Red October. 1991-1995 LucasArts Attractions/LucasFilm- Executive Producer/Creative Director. Coordinated art dept. personnel, harvested new business for attractions projects within, and for, LucasFilm. Clients included Disney Studios, Kuma Gai Construction, Matsushita, Universal Studios, and the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. 1995-2001 Industrial Light & Magic Commercial Productions/ LucasFilm- Senior commercial director for the studio. Received nine Clio awards during tenure, two Cannes nominations, and several entries into the New York AICP/Museum of Modern Art Show. Clients included Ford, Chevrolet, First Union Bank, Powerade, Gatorade, and The Giants. 2000-2003 Warner Brothers/Silver Pictures- Film director. Projects include 13 Ghosts and Ghost Ship. Worldwide box office exceeds $136,000,000.00. 2002- 2004 Reactor- Commercial Film Director 2005- 2012 Rhythm + Hues Studios- Commercial Film Director. Clients include Volkswagen, GMC, Regions Bank, Jack Rouse and Associates, and Ferrari. 2012 to present- Freelance Film Director, Designer, Screenwriter, Novelist, and conceptualist and senior partner for Internet startup endeavor Virtual World & Suns, LLC. AWARDS (partial list) AICP Award for Visual Effects “Noise” AICP Award for Visual Effects Production Design “Launch” AICP Award for Visual Effects “Cityscape” BPME Award for ABC “Together” Campaign Cannes Bronze Lion for Nissan “Pigeons” Clio Award for Computer Animation Television/Cinema “Noise” Clio Award for Direction, Visual Style Television/Cinema “Launch” Clio Award for Cinematography, Television/Cinema “Launch” Clio Award for BMW “Penguin” Clio Award for Best Graphics for Olympic Stain “Blueprint” Clio Award for Computer Animation for Olympic Stain, ”Blueprint” Clio Award for Best Graphics for Samsung “Growing Technology” Clio Award for Computer Animation for Samsung “Growing Technology” International Automotive Advertising Award for BMW “Penguin” International Film and TV Festival of New York, Silver Award for Samsung “Growing NCGA Silver Medal for ABC “Together” Campaign NSGA Silver Award for Samsung “Growing Technology” NGCA Tournee Award for Benson and Hedges “Magic” Mobius Award for Dodge “Hang 10”.