Pace Five-Panel Glass and Brass Hinge Room Divider or Screen

Probably a Leon Rosen for Pace designed magnificent screen or room divider. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this was a custom project. each panel is approximate 23.75 inches in width and 84 inches tall. It is 17 inches deep. The hinges are likely brass-plated nickle and are 14.75 inches tall. They make the glass panels fit at a 90 degree angle. When assembled the width is 98 inches. The glass pieces have some minor surface scratches and imperfections. There are a few minor chips to the glass panels that are underneath the hinges, as it is not the easiest to assemble. The base has a few chips as well. The brass hinges have imperfections as well with scratches and marks. We have used painter’s tape to protect the base in the gallery.

U.S 1980s c.H: 84"W: 98"D: 17"Reference number: LU835011768311