Nakashima Inspired Cabinet


U.S, 20th c. c.

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A beautiful sliding door cabinet clearly inspired by Nakashima. It features a paper and plastic like material which we recently replaced. This piece has the look and feel of a handmade piece with all of the detail work looking Craft made as opposed to a manufactured piece. If you notice the details, including uneven spacing of the nails. As in all handmade furniture, there are uneven gaps and slightly off corners. The slides that hold the door have had some of the color rubbed off. Pictured. There is one long shelf.
The paper and plastic backing has been replaced. One corner does not meet at precisely 90 degrees, which is pictured. There is a support in the center which is not attached, but supports the function of the sliding doors. Some wear from use, with minor surface marks and nicks and scrapes.