“Mokume” by Michael Hannon

“Mokume” a wonderful redwood, cedar and copper sculpture by the noted Central California Coast artist Michael Hannon. Evocative and graceful the sculpture is from 2016. Please have a look at the other pieces of Michael’s we have for sale in the gallery at the moment.
A statement from the artist:
Wood figures

As a model maker at Toyota’s design studio for 25 years, wood was one of the materials frequently used in making the car models. I continue to use the same or similar techniques today as I work with the human figure.

I try to work character into the expressions, the body, the angle of torso, the hands. Everything is important.

Several of these wood figures in corporate moving parts, for example, at the neck or wrist. This unique feature allows one to make small changes in the gestures of the figure which can change their countenance and demeanor entirely.

I like placing these pieces together in groupings of two or more. As I change their gestures such as altering the tilt of a head or wrist, these shifts change the conversation the pieces have with one another as well as with the viewer.

U.S 2016 c.H: 32"W: 27"D: 18"Reference number: LU835026759752