Lee Andreason Bronze Bucephalus Sculpture Signed Numbered 48/50


Spain, 20th c.

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A pretty glazed bronze titled Bucephalus after Alexander the great famous beloved horse.
From the artist’s website.
An internationally recognized sculptor and an avid horsewoman, Andreason is noted for her powerful bronze, cast stone and clay equine, figurative, and mythological forms. From early childhood she has felt a keen awareness of the interconnection between nature and humanity, and over the years has determined that her role as an artist is to show this through her work. She works to accomplish this by depicting the essence of the spirit, beauty and power of each piece, portraying the soul of each subject. Sculpting becomes a circle connecting Andreason with the creative life force that gives energy to all nature and that communicates with all beings.

Incorporating her passion for horses, Andreason’s creative energy and professional focus has been dedicated to her sculpture for over thirty years. Her equine figures frequently depict ancient, mythological and war horses, embodying their power, grace and spirit. Lee Andreason receives inspiration from the work of Moore, Zuniga, Marini, Picasso, and especially Manzu. Her mask of Picasso and study of his life, as well as her sculptures of “Monet” are results of her interest in their philosophy as artists.
In 1999, Andreason opened a studio in Spain and divides her time between Europe and the US, making works and enlargement in both continents. Her work has appeared in many one person exhibitions including Paris, Germany, Holland, Spain and the United States. Andreason has been included in Marquis Publication of” “Who’s who in American artists.”
Exhibitions of her work are currently in various galleries in Europe as well as in major cities in the United States.