Knoll Studio Neil Frankel Suite of Furniture from 1999


1999 c.

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A nice and somewhat unusual suite of furniture designed by Neil Frankel for Knoll Studio in 1999. A call to Knoll confirmed that these pieces were only made for a few years. The chairs are powder-coated permanent mold aluminium with stainless steel wire-mesh panels. The front casters have been replaced with heavy duty ball casters, and the rubber arm pads have been replaced with new rubber. The seat upholstery has also been redone in black leather instead of the original cloth. These chairs have been cleaned up and polished as much as possible but still have nicks scratches and wear from use.
From Knoll: In 1999, Knoll commissioned Frankel to develop a new line that bridged the gap between lounge and task chairs a solution suited to the fast-paced, informal environment of the computer-age workplace. Mobility was his central consideration, leading him to design a unique series of wheeled chairs and tables. Table size is as follows: 29.5 inches in diameters and 16.25 inches tall. The chair dimensions are given below.