J. Robert Scott Dining Chairs and Table from Barbara Marx Sinatra Estate


U.S, 20th c.

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Out of the estate in Rancho Mirage of the late Barbara Marx Sinatra is this dining room set. It is pictured in the listing of her house for sale. The chairs are by J. Robert Scott and the table is likely by them as well. Six black lacquer chairs and a flared two part base dining table. The chairs are in the original upholstery which is in good condition. There are many marks to the black lacquer finish with some cracking to the finish. The table base has marks and imperfections as well. The glass top has some minor surface scratches. Measures: Table dimensions are 68.25 inches long by 53 inches wide and 29.25 inches tall. The armchairs are slightly wider than the side chairs at 23.5 inches compared to 20.75″ inches. The side chairs dimensions are given below.