Elgin Veritas 23 Jewel Railroad Pocket Watch with Up Down Indicator


U.S, 1916 c.

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A recently serviced working pocket watch of the highest quality produced by Elgin. The model is Veritas and it is a 23 Jeweled watch with a diamond end stone. It is working nicely almost keeping up with my modern quartz watch. I haven’t timed it but it seems accurate to within a minute or so every time I wind it. The top dial is a power reserve indicator. According to my watchmaker this watch was produced around 1916 and the serial number is 19369733. It is slightly less than 2 inches in diameter, which is a 16 size in pocket watch terminology. Please note that the case has some wear as it is a gold filled case and there is some brass showing through. As a quick note the Highest grade Railroad grade pocket watches were almost always in gold filled cases, as the people who needed them, namely conductors, could not afford solid gold cases.