Adrian Pearsall Sofa Set

A wonderful vintage Adrian Pearsall sofa set. It features 2 sofas and a coffee table. The pieces are done in a crushed velvet that is original. The bases are covered in a black vinyl. The detail is wonderful with wrapped around straps. We purchased this set and received a copy of an email authenticating it as Pearsall, by his son. the accompanying photo shows the set in the walnut trim finish. The longer section is approximately 108 inches long. The shorter section is 84 inches long. Coffee table is 64×33 inches in dimension. The upholstery is a crushed velvet and the bottom cushions are reversible. There is some use wear and tear to the fabric and some marks to the white painted wood trim.

U.S 20th c.H: 29"W: 108"D: 33"Reference number: LU835023906432