Charles Hollis Jones White Acrylic and Brass Serving Tables with Stand


U.S, 1960's c.

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A nice early set of white acrylic and brass folding tables with a matching stand to hand them from when not in use. The acrylic base dates this group to the 1960s as Charles Hollis Jones recently pointed out when he authenticated them as his work on a recent visit to the gallery. His newer versions feature stationary bases of brass or nickel. These sets originally came with four trays, but this set has only two, which are both in working order. It is not signed just authenticated by Mr. Jones. The white tops have marks surface scratches and nicks from use, and the brass although polished shows wear and some areas of lacquer remaining along with nicks and scratches. The dimension given below are for the assembled grouping. The table measurements are as follow 22.5” Width, 17” Depth and 24” tall.