Three-Arm Maison Lunel Torchiere with Red Acrylic Cones


France, 20th c.

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A most unusual shaped lamp with three arms. It is most likely by Maison Lunel and French as it takes the push pin bayonet European bulb, which are readily available here as well. I don’t believe the shades are original and there is a little hole in he brass shade holders. Originally there was no on off switch, so I assume the hole held individual on/off switches. We have had the lamp re-wired and added a push button foot switch. The shades are glass and the acrylic red cones unscrew. It is a fine quality lamp. There are numerous areas that the brass is rough but we cleaned it up a bit. One of the glass shades has a small nick in the top. There are some marks to the metal as well. We love the way the arms are at three different levels.