John Szabo Limited Edition Dew Drops


U.S, 21st c.

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Our Gallery is proud to be able to offer a new series of sculpture by the accomplished Los Angeles based artist John Szabo. These are all signed on the back and numbered 1/50. They are affixed to a cleat which when mated secures them flushly to the wall.

Szabo’s Dew Drop sculptures made their world premiere at the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC where they received a warm reception and sold well to excited art collectors and design professionals.

Szabo’s Dew Drop sculptures received a full page spread in the premier SoCal art publication ArtScene.

Saatchi Art said of Szabo’s Dew Drop Sculptures:

“Szabo’s work, while reminiscent of modern sculptors Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons and Casimo Cavallaro, capture something ephemeral from nature; imagine a contemporary nod to Biomorphic or Organic Abstraction; beautiful seductive, sensuous.”

John Szabo said of his work:
“The Dew Drop Sculptures are the first in the Ephemeral Nature Series; sculptures inspired by nature from ephemeral experiences we can only dream of freezing in time, like discovering during a morning hike a dewdrop on a coastal cactus, iridescent in the light of dawn.”
Custom colors are available in any pantone color.
They are available for immediate delivery in:
Ocean blue.
Fire Engine red.
Hermes orange.
Plum purple.
Ebony black.
Snow white.

These Dew Drop sculptures part of The Ephemeral Nature Series are inspired from nature and begin as a clay sculpture original from which a mold is made which result in the final sculptures; polyurethane with a dense, heavy archival quality foam core covered with many coats of resin meticulously sanded between each layer to a bright, shiny, resin finish.

Szabo created the original clay sculpture, teaming with one of the finest art fabricators in Los Angeles, to create the mold for Limited Edition sculptures of the finest quality.