Double-Sided Architectural Bronze Brutalist Sunburst Doors

A beautiful pair of bronze resin doors with decoration on both sides. These doors have a bronze resin on each side with wood in between. They are likely designed by Billy Joe Mccarroll and David Gillespe for Forms and Surfaces in the 1970s. I believe this is the Heroic sunburst pattern. The estate claimed they were purchased from Forms and Surfaces. These doors have been painted and stripped, although they still retain some spots of the old paint. Pretty as they are or we can more of the paint removed. We have the center bracket and floor guards as well. I suppose they could be from Kaylien who also produced doors like this but the estate also had Forms and Surfaces onyx doors as well.
In any case these make quite a statement. These exact pattern doors and handles have sold at major auction house as Forms and Surfaces Heroic Sunburst doors. There are numerous minor losses to the wood sides, and to the bronze resin including scratches and nicks. They were in a house and were removed and replaced with another sets of doors. They are pictured in the house before they were removed. There is no round handle or lock but the holes are present. Each door is 35.625 inches wide. The total width is given below. including the center piece which is approximately 72 inches wide.

1970's c.H: 85.5"W: 72"D: 1.88"Reference number: LU83508852323