Charming Large Acrylic on Wood Painting by Jeanne Lorioz


France, 1990's c.

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A wonderful charming acrylic on wood by the noted French artist Jeanne Lorioz. It is an acrylic on wood mounted in an wood frame. This painting was purchased at an estate sale and belonged to a couple who commissioned this pieces. Dimensions given below are for the framed painting, the painting itself measures approximately 13.5×24 inches. Please note that there is some separation at the seams of the frame, pictured, and nicks and minor marks as well. Painting has imperfections and minor paint loss.
A brief Biography of the artist follows;
Born in 1954, Jeanne Lorioz studied for three years at the Superior School of Applied Arts in Paris. Courses in modeling, anatomy, sketching of live models, the works. It was all passionate, even if amidst a much too conceptual mind-set, which did not appeal to Jeanne-the-meticulous. It took ten years of latent incubation, of experimenting with interior decorating, before she rekindled the desire to paint. Today, Jeanne has created her own universe peopled exclusively with curvaceous women with a potential for the comic.